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A Wolf in the Shadows

A Wolf in the Shadows

  • April 2008 - Pages: 148
  • ISBN 10: 0557043883 | ISBN 13: 978-0557043880
  • $13.00 print
    $6.00 PDF

A Wolf in the Shadows reflects the culmination of a journey into the Old Religion. Within these pages Wolf shares his knowledge and insight into a religion that still evokes prejudice, shock, and fear. Pagans walk among us in this multi-cultural modern world. They are friends, coworkers, and the person next to us in checkout lanes. Fear not for the Soul of your son, your classmate, your neighbor; they simply walk a path of light that is no different than your own. This reference is written for those outside of the faith who want a simple and straightforward explanation of what exactly Paganism is all about. Put your fears and your presumptions aside and learn the truth about the Old Religion from someone who has walked for many years in both worlds. Only through knowledge can these two worlds understand each other and coexist.


A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide

 Ghost Hunter's Field Guide

  • February 2009 - Pages: 192
  • ISBN 10: 0557050944 | ISBN 13: 978-0557050949
  •  $13.00 print
     $6.00 PDF

In recent years the practice of ghost hunting has increased in popularity due to various reality television shows, prompting interest in groups from teenagers to serious scientific experimentation. This comprehensive reference book separates fact from fiction with regards to a proper and professional investigation. It provides step-by-step instructions for investigating reports of the paranormal from the first phone call to "the reveal". All the various terms, theories, phenomena, tools, and technology are covered in-depth and explained in a straightforward and unbiased manner.


Under a Sunlit Sky       Under a Sunlit Sky

  •        May 2010 - Pages: 124
  •        ISBN 10: 1451510578 | ISBN 13: 978-1451510577
  •        $16.00 print
           $6.00 PDF

R. Wolf Baldassarro once again shares his imagination, his insight, and his passion with the world in Under a Sunlit Sky. Within these pages unfolds a life filled with hope, despair, passion, and rejection. The poetic visions run the full range of emotion and sensibility reflected in life's journey while the short stories show an imagination that is as beautiful as it is surreal.


 Poetic Visions

Poetic Visions

  • November 2010 - Pages: 100
  • ISBN 10: 1456346903 | ISBN 13: 978-1456346904
  • $20.00 print
    $8.00 PDF

Within this book the art of photography is explored in a stunning pictorial that includes all of the original Poetic Visions art gallery pieces as well as artistic images from the streets of San Diego, California to south-eastern Michigan in such sub-genres as spirit photography, street photography, nature, landscapes, and cemeteries taken by writer R. Wolf Baldassarro. 
Photography holds still a moment in time to become an artistic observation that forces one to change not what they see, but how they see it. Stroll with Wolf though local parks and cemeteries as he captures the beauty and wonder of life and death; of the supernatural and the natural.


Ultimate Ghost Hunter's Toolkit

          Ultimate Ghost Hunter's Toolkit

  •            April 2015 - CD -ROM
  •           $10.00



Through the years as an active paranormal investigator, author R. Wolf Baldassarro has collected some startling evidence of the other side.  This CD contains actual investigation results including Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Spirit Photography, videos, and detailed reports of some of the cases he has been a part of.  This digital collection also includes promotional material and a digital copy of A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide and Across the Great Divide!


Across the Great Divide

 Across the Great Divide

  •   October 2015 - Pages: 248
  •   ISBN 10: 0692568360 | ISBN 13: 978-0692568361
  • $17.00 print
    $7.00 ePub
    $10.00 PDF

Across the Great Divide ran as a monthly column for Pagan Pages magazine from 2009 to 2014 and explored the field of paranormal research. Among the topics discussed were tips, tools, and often controversial issues related to ghost hunting. They are collected in one volume for the first time with updated and new material.

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